Kitten Racingの現在のメンバー達をご紹介します。
Introduction of members of the team “Kitten Racing”.

#01 Tsubasa Mizuno 水野 翼


She is an active enthusiast who loves sports, and her favorite sports is swimming and biking.
So she is always tanned.

A well-proportioned athlete proportion with a height of 165 cm.
She has the best riding skills in the team and leads the members.
<Type: Hill Climber>

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#02 Asuka Kiryu 桐生 明日香

ストイックで冷静な性格で、個性的なメンバーたちを束ねてkitten Racingを盛り上げることに尽力中。

An honor student who is both literary and martial arts, she is a leader type who is admired by those around her.
Ever since she was little, she has been active in the class and the student council, and at the request of Tsubasa and the others, she reorganized the cycling club that was on the verge of being abolished and became its president. At the same time, she started riding a road bike and fell in love with it.
She has a stoic and calm personality, and is working hard to bring together the unique members and bring excitement to Kitten Racing.
<Type: All-rounder>

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#03 Wakana Izumi 泉 若菜


She is sociable, has a cheerful personality that is loved by everyone, and is popular. She is not good at studying, but she is good at exercising.
She is 158 cm tall and is a little small and delicate. She worried about her lack of physical strength, so she was invited by her friend “Tsubasa” to start a road bike.
She is a mood maker in the team.
<Type: All-rounder>

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#04 Marin Kisaragi 如月 真凛

… comming soon

#05 Kaho Aizawa 相澤 果穂

… comming soon

Charactor Produce Staff キャラクター制作スタッフ

キャラクタープロデュース・プランニング Producer/Planner
伊東4126 “4126” Itoh

キャラクター作画担当 Illustrator
黒川 緤 Setu Kurokawa
twitter @setu_kurokawa